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In response to the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, Home Leasing and Home Leasing Construction are taking some initial precautionary measures to best ensure the health and safety of our residents and our employees. Although these measures may not completely prevent transmission of the virus, they are being implemented in an effort to greatly reduce the risk and slow the spread of this or any other relevant infectious illnesses.

Following CDC and DOH guidelines, we are staying informed on how Home Leasing is addressing the impact of the Coronavirus. Home Leasing is committed to supporting our employees and residents with an emphasis on safety and health for all. In order to do this, it is important that we maintain our vital operations. We are encouraging employees to stay home if they are feeling ill, encouraging them to work from home if they are able, and to practice guidelines that have been put in place to prevent the spread such as social distancing, hand washing, etc.

Because we are a company committed to serving our residents, we have individualized plans for each community based on the location and circumstances surrounding the staff and the residents.

Overall, our goal is to work together and support each other as best we can. We will also remain flexible as things proceed and we encounter challenges.

Our Commitment

Based in Rochester, New York, we are a family-owned business, with three generations on the Home Leasing team. We’ve been providing quality real estate services for 50 years and have developed an excellent reputation with residents, investors, municipalities and employees. Every day, we strive to provide the best possible homes for our residents while treating our employees, suppliers, neighbors, investors and surrounding communities in a fair and equitable manner.


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We are committed to building quality communities by making investments in our properties and neighborhoods to better the lives of our residents.


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We are a Certified Benefit Corporation!

B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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We believe each employee contributes to the success of our business and should be recognized equally for their contributions.

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