Jefferson Wollensak Apartments

Jefferson Wollensak Apartments

Home Leasing has partnered with the Urban League of Rochester Economic Development Corporation (ULREDC) to begin management of ULREDC's residential portfolio to continue expanding ULREDC's mission.

Home Leasing and ULREDC are proud to present Jefferson Wollensak Apartments, a new affordable housing community in the metropolitan Rochester area. This project has 2 sites. The first is a historic building located at 872 Hudson Avenue.  Vacant for over 15 years and badly deteriorated, the Wollensak building will be rehabilitated into 22 apartments for small families. A new three-story building will be constructed on the long-time vacant lot at 663 Jefferson Avenue, which will have 19 apartments.

Both buildings represent an investment in the City of Rochester and will help to stabilize the surrounding neighborhoods. This project will also provide individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities with supportive housing units to assist their ability to live within their communities.

Jefferson Wollensak Apartments is expected to open Fall 2020. Lottery application deadline is September 14, 2020. The lottery will take place at 431 W Main St, Community Room, Rochester, NY on September 15, 2020 at 3 p.m. 

Apartment Type


Rent Range

Max/Min Income




$12,750 - $24,480

1 Bedroom



$15,000 - $29,808

2 Bedroom



$17,875 - $34,320


Family Size

2020 Income Limit (50%)











About Urban League of Rochester Economic Development Corporation (ULREDC)

The ULREDC was formed in 1986 and is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of the Urban League of Rochester, NY, Inc.

The ULREDC's mission is to improve the living and working conditions of poor, disadvantaged, and underserved populations in the Rochester region through economic development and community revitalization initiatives, and to build an asset base for the Urban League of Rochester.


663 Jefferson Avenue

872 Hudson Avenue

Community Amenities
  • Central laundry facility
  • Elevators
  • Controlled building access
  • Off-street parking
  • Heat, water, sewer
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • Onsite staff (at the Jefferson location)
  • Programs offered by the Urban Leage of Rochester
872 Hudson Avenue & 663 Jefferson Avenue
Rochester, NY