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Thank you for choosing to live in a Home Leasing community. We truly believe in our mission to provide you with an excellent home, excellent service and we will do what we can to improve the quality of your life. Therefore, we seriously consider any suggestion you may have. Please fill out the form below by completing all of the required fields and click "Submit" to enter any suggestions.

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Also, if there is a maintenance problem in your apartment, you may contact the office at your community or submit a work order by completing the form below. *Please note: If it is an after-hours emergency, please call your community’s 24-hour emergency maintenance number.

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Emergency Maintenance #'s

Bartlett Gardens: 814.853.4767

Centerville Court: 315.458.7867

College Greene: 585.594.2805

Eastgate: 607.732.1182

Farmington Gardens: 315.

Frederick Douglass Apartments: 585.340.1308

The Gardens at Gananda: 585.399.7740

The Gardens at Town Center: 585.703.8194

Glenwood Gardens: 443.842.2814

Kibler Senior: 844.816.7612

Muldoon Gardens: 315.458.7867

Oak Creek Town Homes: 315.255.6340

Ogden Gardens: 585.340.1483

Voter's Block Apartments: 585.340.1308