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About Us

Home Leasing and Home Leasing Construction are private companies owned by the Nelson Leenhouts family. Home Leasing began its focus on affordable housing in 2005 when Nelson Leenhouts stepped down as CEO of Home Properties. Home Leasing and Home Leasing Construction are currently led by Chairman/CEO Nelson Leenhouts, Vice Chairman Cathy Sperrick and Chief Operating Officer Bret Garwood.

Our History

Home Leasing Corporation was founded in 1967 by twin brothers, Norman and Nelson Leenhouts. For more than 25 years, Norman and Nelson grew Home Leasing Corp. into a substantial real estate business with a diversified portfolio of single family homes, apartments, and commercial properties. After years of success, Norman and Nelson formed Home Properties, which became a public company in 1994 and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HME. During that time, the company grew to have over 50,000 rental apartments in 12 states, including 10,000 affordable apartments. From 1994 until 2003, Norman and Nelson served as joint CEOs of Home Properties.

In 2004, Home Properties transitioned its affordable housing and commercial real estate back to Norman and Nelson. In 2006, Home Leasing split the affordable housing and commercial business, with Norman’s family forming Broadstone Real Estate and taking over all of the commercial properties, while Nelson’s family formed Home Leasing, LLC, and took over the affordable housing and single family portion of the business. Today, Home Leasing develops, constructs, and manages properties in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Our Commitment

As a Rochester-based company, Home Leasing has been providing quality real estate services for over 40 years. This has allowed us to develop an excellent reputation with residents, investors, municipalities, and employees. Our focus on our mission to improve the lives of our residents helps us assess the needs of our customers and present them with a comfortable living environment. Our goal is to provide the best possible homes for our residents while treating our employees, suppliers, neighbors, investors and surrounding communities in a fair and equitable manner.

Our Organization

The team at Home Leasing is comprised of dedicated, talented and experienced individuals that come together to make this company great. We are not only committed to leading our industry but also to continue to be a hard working and family-oriented business. Our staff represents decades of experience in each department and are experts in their field. Home Leasing is organized into 4 major teams. Click the buttons below to learn more about each team.

Central Services

Catherine Sperrick - Vice Chairman
Lyndsay Fitzmaurice - Director of Human Resources
Mike Bonacchi - Controller
Laurie Williams - Assistant Controller
Antonio Gonzalaz - Senior Accountant
Diana Young - Property Accountant
Michelle Lawrence - Property Accountant
Kelly Webster - Property Accountant
Stephanie Dempsey - Account Payables
Francine Johnson - Office Manager

Home Leasing Construction LLC

Brian Bellaire - Director of Construction
George DeRue - Vice President, Construction
Bob Spitulnik - Lead Estimator
Rick Premo - Construction Cost Estimator
Kristen Sturgis - Job Cost Administrator
Tony D'Arpino - Project Executive
Melissa Quinn - Pre-Development Project Coordinator
Lynsey Ross - Construction Project Coordinator


Nelson Leenhouts - Chairman & CEO
Bret Garwood - Chief Operating Officer
Kimberly Russell, Esq. - Executive Vice President
Megan Houppert - Development Manager
Jenifer Higgins - Development Manager
Adam Driscoll - Development Manager
Erin Correa - Development Assistant
Community Management

Sarah Struzzi Hunt - Vice President, Property Management
Joshua Haley - Regional Leader
Shelby Smith - Regional Leader
Katie Hart - Regional Leader
Joe DiProspero - Director of Property Maintenance
Susan Lenzo - Director of Leasing and Training
Alex Borowiec - Compliance Manager
Stacey Sanicola - Compliance Liaison
Gary Ferge - Maintenance

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